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about us

Presenting a nutritionally balanced lunch box,
with select ingredients to taste.

We offer a delicious and healthy lunch / dinner box delivery service for adults and kids.

Our tasty, ‘’kid-friendly’’ meals are specially prepared to provide nutrition for growing bodies and minds.

Our goal is simply to provide home made tasting meals so that parents can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with kids.

KIDS DELI meals, developed in conjunction with our nutritionist, contain seasonal ingredients.

Meals for children feature a variety of flavorful vegetables, fish and meat that is easy to eat.

For adults meals based on KIDS DELI original recipes may be ordered, with adult size portion.

Adults can enjoy the original KIDS DELI menu with enhanced spices for adult palette.

Meals are different every day so you can always enjoy our bento.

We use all natural ingredients, our lunch boxes are preservative free.

About our menu

About our ingredients

All meat is produced  in Japan and top quality seafood from reliable sources.

We are using domestically produced vegetables (Hokkaido, West Japan) as much as possible,

and organic vegetables from outside of Japan.

We use fresh ingredients, not frozen.

commitment to safety and security

Our lunch boxes are prepared in kitchens which meet the highest standards of food safety, and are regularly inspected by SBC organization.

We clearly label ingredients and meals not contain any eggs, milk, wheat, nuts, shell fish, shrimp, and soba.

Please feel free to inquire about ingredients.

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