We have 4 different sizes.

For preschool  kids (3 dishes) ------ 550~650 yen + tax

Small size for kids   (3 dishes) ------ 600~700 yen + tax

Large size for kids  (3 dishes) ------ 800~900 yen + tax

For adults  (3 dishes) ------ 800yen~ + tax

*The price will be differ depends on schools and offices.

Please order by email or contact form.

We take an order either monthly or weekly by 20th of previous month.

Email KIDS DELI direct by 10.00am the day before your order to cancel/alter if necessary. There are no refunds on a cancelled order but you will be given credit that will be automatically used on your next order.

If you do not cancel/alter your paid for orders in time it will still be delivered to school.

Please contact by email or contact form if it's a first time to order. 

If KIDS DELI do not receive payment they will not deliver your order even if you have placed the order.

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